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Online workshops is fairly new to some people, but millions of people like myself have been able to change their lives because of it. Now with the Covid-19 epidemic world wide, online education, workshops and virtual meetings have become quite normal and have played an essential role to keep the world connected.

I have created online workshops that you can follow along with, at your own pace, with a community to support and inspire you to meet yourself at the canvas!

As a Creatively Fit Coach, I guide you step by step in a painting made easy method, using Acrylic paint and canvas as the tool through which you are able to transcend personal limitations and also claim your personal power back. It is my goal to help build personal resilience within each participant.

Creative coaching is a form of life coaching that helps people develop their creative skills and work through any barriers holding them back in their life.

The canvas serves as the metaphor that helps you to identify limiting beliefs and or attitudes that is counter productive to achieving your highest goals and ideals.

Although painting is involved, no previous art experience or skills are required to participate in a class, or to benefit from the insight that can be gained through this experiential personal growth  journey.

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All of my online courses are accessible through my ticket portal to all my events both in person as well as online. Use this link to access the available courses and future workshops here:

24 Hour Paint Jam!

Come join me and 5 other Creative Coaches from around the world as we paint for 24 hours! 6 coaches, 34 hours of content! I am featured last in the marathon and offer you a journey into Creative Bliss! To join in the fun click HERE: